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Idea for  Education: See-Think-Wonder
See-Think-Wonder is a routine for exploring visuals, video clips or any other interesting thing. It can easily be implemented as part of a science class or in any class where students make observations. It’s part of the Visible Learning/Harvard Project Zero Project.

Why use it?  It encourages students to make careful observations and interpretations. It builds inquiry skills.

  1. Ask students to make an observation about an object (artwork, image, quick video clip, a scientific principle occurring, etc.)
  2. Ask what they think might be going on and what they think their observation might be. Have students support their interpretation with reasons and have students think about what this makes them wonder?

What do you see?
What do you think about that?
What does it make you wonder?
  1. Depending on your students, you can scaffold, adjust and prompt based on their readiness. It’s often helpful to have students write their answers.
  2. Allow time for student discussion or to experiment. You may want to chart their observations and to return to them during the course of study.

Need to Knows
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We’d love to have your help--plus it’s really awesome to see students in their homecoming outfits and they love seeing you outside of the class--with chaperoning homecoming. Please let Leta or Jen know if you’re available.

There are a couple of great conferences coming up.
Edscape Conference in New Jersey, October 17. Edscape is a conference focused on innovation and discovery.

Edcamp NJ on November, 21 (free)

Calendar Items
October 5 12-4:30: Flu Shots

October 5-10: Homecoming Festivities
Monday: Jersey Day
Tuesday: Tie Dye Day
Wednesday: Camo Day
Thursday: Dress Like an Animal Day
Friday: Black and Gold/Toga Day

October 9: Pep Rally Bell Schedule

40 minutes (extra time for announcements)
35 minutes
30 minutes
36 minutes
10:55-11:26 1st
11:31-12:00 2nd
12:15-12:43 3rd
39 minutes
33 minutes
33 minutes
33 minutes
33 minutes
Pep Rally

October 8-9: Will be Mentorship Days: More details to come...

Connected Educator Month is underway:
Teachers can earn a minimum of 5 recert points if you document participation in a CEM event and/or connect your teaching to CEM Themes. If you’re “connecting” be sure to let Bert know!

On Monday’s #vachat (8et): We’ll be joined by teacher, author (she’s authored a book as part of Corwin Press’s Connected Educator Series), and blogger Starr Sackstein as we discuss Blogging Education and Self-Reporting Grades

Have you joined Monticello’s Faculty and Staff Remind Account? It’s easy to do so: Text 81010 with the message @mohsstaff and follow a couple of directions! It’s quick and easy!

October 5: Tucker Tapscott
October 10: Samantha Presley, Michael Remchuk and Reed Gillespie

Worth Your Time
Hitting Reset to Empathize with Student Experience : Great read in regards to Engaging Learners  (the author also has a great podcast called Talks with Teachers)

Don’t Worry, Be Happy : Yeah, it’s written by elementary educators but there are a lot of take-aways for all of us

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