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Effective Feedback

Excellence in Education:Feedback

Which of the following statements is FEEDBACK?

  1. “Great job Bart! That was one of the best presentations I’ve seen.”
  2. “You’re making a good point here, but remember the intended audience.”
  3. “That’s a beautiful poster. I love your visuals but you need more information.”
  4. “82/100,” written on a test.

Yeah, it’s a trick question. None of the statements are truly feedback.

The first and third statements express opinions. Statement 3 is a little more descriptive, but it really doesn’t provide the necessary information about the performance goal or objective of the assignment.

Statement 2 offers some advice but doesn’t provide much in regards to feedback.

The 4th statement provides little information for the learner in regards to what’s next.

So what is feedback?

First, feedback has one of powerful impacts on learning and achievement . True feedback means that the student can learn from the results. This past week I observed a great example of effective feedback--admittedly I didn’t provide the teachers whose class I observed with the effective feedback.

In this class, I saw students peer reviewing. Students were examining classmates’ writing samples and providing them with feedback based on a rubric, but that’s really only part of what made the feedback effective. It’s what I saw happen next that made it special. After reviewing their peers’ work, the teacher encouraged the students to go back to their own works and make modifications. Admittedly, a few students took the time to read the comments but the simple act of taking the time to review the work of others gave each student a clearer picture of what they needed to do to improve their work.

So looking at this, we can decipher what effective feedback is:
  1. It’s informative
  2. You’re able to take that information and act on it
  3. It’s directly linked to the task and the task’s purpose/objective
  4. It’s timely and guides the person

Weekly Shout Out
Steve van Epp and the cafeteria staff  deserve a shout-out for his condiment bar. I’ve heard several students stating their love for it--and a few lamenting when the sauces run out near the end of 3rd lunch. Student choice extends to our cafeteria!

Need To Knows
Please be mindful that we’re working diligently to cut down on hallway traffic at all times of day, especially Mustang Morning. If you draft or request a student, or a student is in your room for whatever reason, please keep him/her with you for the ENTIRE Mustang Morning.

If you haven’t watched the video on SBIT (special education, RTI, and 504s), please do so . We’re working hard to improve our SBIT process and to better serve the needs of all of our students. If you’re interested in participating on the SBIT team (would mean a minimum commitment of “sacrificing” one planning period per month), we’d love to have you join the team.

Oh yeah, one of the great things--something I didn’t mention--about Zaption is that it gives you a great snapshot. So from this snapshot I can see that only 20 of you have watched the video.

Positive Referral Link :

We’d love to have your help--plus it’s really awesome to see students in their homecoming outfits and they love seeing you outside of the class--with chaperoning homecoming. Please let Leta or Jen know if you’re available.

There are a couple of great conferences coming up.
Edscape Conference in New Jersey, October 17. Edscape is a conference focused on innovation and discovery.

Edcamp NJ on November, 21  

Calendar Items
September 28: Professional Development Day

September 29: Modified Lockdown Drill 1st period
                          Club Day with Club Schedule
1st Period
Mustang Morning
2nd Period
Lunch schedule:
3rd Period
**Club Period**
4th Period
**Students will remain in 3rd period if they do not have a club.
**Only teachers that sponsor a club should send their 3rd period students to the auditorium. Students will be sent back to class.

October 1 (4:30-7): Parent Conferences

October 5-10: Homecoming Festivities

October 3: Shannon Hutchison-Krupat, Michelle Kessler, and Peggy Smith

Worth Your Time

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