Sunday, October 11, 2015

Making the Most of Every Minute

Idea for  Education: Making the Most of Every Minute
8 minutes are left in class. Several students have finished the assignment, a handful are close to finishing, and some are barely started. We’ve all been there, probably every day. So what are some strategies to ensure that students are learning for the full class?
Here are some strategies I’ve seen at Monticello:
  • Students always have a long-term project to be working on
  • The teacher has established several areas in the room where student work whenever they have time. They tasks vary from remediation, practice, enrichment and more. The student can choose an area to go to or the teacher can make a recommendation.
  • The teacher has posted (either on the board or on BlackBoard) enrichment articles, such as current events that relate to the course of study.
  • Finished students move to an area of the classroom where peers, who may be struggling, can come to them for help (a modification of Circle the Sage, a Kagan cooperative learning strategy)
  • Students are to read quietly at their desks
  • Students take out flashcards that were made earlier (either by the teacher or by the student); a great example of distributed practice

Need to Knows
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Lots of schedule stuff for the week, so please see Calendar Items

Mustang Monthly Recognitions (Ms. Hatchett)

Shout Outs
We had a phenomenal homecoming week. Thanks to everyone who participated! A special thanks to our leadership students and custodians who made it all possible. Ms. Johnson and Ms. Meade, deserve a round of applause for their efforts as they continually strive to make homecoming better than the previous year’s.

We’d also like to thank all of you who chaperoned the dance: Ms. Pippin, Mr. and Mrs. Tapscott, Ms. Cottrell, Mr. Granger, Ms. Gaskins, Mr. Poindexter, Mr. Pearman, Mr. Columbano, Ms. Wilkerson and Ms. Price-Thomas.

The following are from an anonymous teacher (please, please share more):
I visited Eric Bredder's classroom yesterday and he is doing some amazing stuff! Engaged kids, and girls!! He is going to have his students collaborate on some set building for the musical too. This guy is a keeper!

Shamika Terrell. Wow. Just the most helpful, compassionate and intuitive woman!

Monica Ferguson has also collaborated with me to help some of my students. She always looks for the positive!

Lauren Hauser. helping me target individual students who may need reading help.

Great job by our Fine Arts/Music Department for a great Fall Musical. The students were energetic and their passion for music was evident from the first to final note.

Calendar Items
October 13: Vision and Hearing Screening Students will be called down over PA

October 14: PSAT and Select Freshman CWRA Testing

October 15: Parent-Teacher Conferences
  Underclass Picture Retakes

October 14, 2015
10th and 11th graders will participate in PSAT testing.
9th grade teachers will be with their Mentorship class doing various activities for the first half and the second half, they will go to the Auditorium for a presentation.
12th grade students will report to their Mentorship for the first thirty minutes. Then report to the cafeteria for their Senior Breakfast.  Afterwards, report to the auditorium for a senior meeting and presentation.  Lastly, proceed to the stadium for the Senior Picture then report back to mentorship
Block 2A
Ø 1st Lunch 12:45-1:10
Ø 2nd Lunch 1:15-1:40
Ø 3rd Lunch 1:45-2:10
Block 1A (30 min)
Block 3A (30 min)
Block 4A (25 min)
Ø 10th and 11th grade AM CATEC students REMAIN at MoHS to take the PSATs.
Ø 12th grade AM CATEC students have the option to remain for senior activities or attend CATEC as normal.
Will depart at 1:15.  Please release them at the start of 1st lunch (12:45).
Because of PSAT Testing: The Schedule will be
Monday: A
Tuesday: B
Wednesday: A
Thursday: B
Friday: A

October 16: Clubs during Mustang Morning
                    Senior Picture Retakes

October 22: Faculty Meeting (am and pm)

Connected Educator Month is underway:
Teachers can earn a minimum of 5 recert points if you document participation in a CEM event and/or connect your teaching to CEM Themes. If you’re “connecting” be sure to let Bert know!

On Monday’s #vachat (8et): We’ll be joined by principal, author (he’s authored a book as part of Corwin Press’s Connected Educator Series), and blogger Dr Spike Cook. The topic: Connected Education/Leadership and Professional Development.

Have you joined Monticello’s Faculty and Staff Remind Account? It’s easy to do so: Text 81010 with the message @mohsstaff and follow a couple of directions! It’s quick and easy!

October 12: Jo Ann Harris
October 16: Garry Gibson

Worth Your Time
Classroom Space Matters  A very Albemarle/Monticello-ish article with some ideas on how to transform learning spaces

We’re Not Doing the Best We Can For our Students and We Know It  Some thought-provoking statements, some negativity, some generalizations but I will say Will Richardson’s book Why School is a great read.

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