Sunday, December 6, 2015

Infographics and Vocabulary Instruction

Excellence in Education: Infographics
We’ve all seen infographics on websites and they’re a great tool for both teaching and learning.

10 Possible Student Uses for Infographics:
  1. compare and contrast
  2. biographies
  3. cause-effect relationships
  4. presentation
  5. a twist on a resume
  6. statistical analysis: charts, graphs, etc.
  7. scientific, literary or historical annotations
  8. event summarization
  9. any research project
  10. have students search--and possibly modify--an infographic from some of the below sites

5 Free Infographic Creation Tools
Google Drawings : Available in Google Drive. A multitude of uses, simple but not as robust as the following.

Infogram : A little different than the rest, but great for creating interactive charts, graphics and interactive features. Upload information to graph and a customized chart is created. Requires log-in, meaning edtech approval for student usage. : A wide selection of themes and templates. Pretty ease to use. Looks like it doesn’t require a login to use.

Piktochart : I hadn’t used this one before today. I found it to be easy to use with numerous pre-loaded templates and a wide selection of fonts, clipart and other artistic elements. The ability to create charts and graphs and include videos seems like a plus. Requires log-in and EdTech approval.

Canva : also a great app. Simple to use with drag and drop with a wide selection of templates, clipart and photos. Requires log-in.
Excellence in Education: Vocabulary Instruction  

Here’s the link to the above infographic

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