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Warm Demanders

Excellence in Education: Warm Demanders
“Warm demanders first establish a caring relationship that convinces students that the teacher believes in them and has their best interests at heart. On the basis of this relationship warm demanders relentlessly insist that all student perform academic work and treat the teacher and their peers with respect.”

I was blessed to work with Mr. Witt as part of my first teaching practicum. Mr. Witt taught at a middle school that was 90% poverty and 90% minority enrollment. Prior to entering Mr. Whitt’s classroom, I had heard only wonderful things about him from my college professors and students who were a semester ahead of me, but I hadn’t heard many details. As an aspiring teacher. Let me just say it, “Mr. Whitt was not what I expected.”

Hearing so many great things, I expected a classroom full of discovery, arts and crafts, hands-on learning, and other warm and fuzzy learning opportunities. I arrived as students were entering his class for second period. He stood stoic at the door, greeting each student with a watchful eye and, Good morning. Mr. (or Ms) so-and-so.

I wondered, “Why is he calling students by their last names?”

What I witnessed over the next 45 minutes was the exact same thing I would observe for every class I was with Mr. Witt. Students proceeded to their seats. They got out their notebooks and  wrote their homework and some other information. One student was then assigned to get the groups flashcards and the students would then study for 10 minutes. This was followed by a usually engaging lecture. Finally, students would work individually on that day’s flashcards and quiz each other once again. The routine was repeated every day unless there was a quiz.

About three weeks into my practicum experience, the principal asked for me and the other college students to come into his office. He asked me, “So what do you think of Mr. Witt?” Seeing my hesitation, he didn’t even allow me to answer (whew!) and he told me the following story:

This is my seventh year at this school. And when I came I brought Mr. Witt with me. What’s been so amazing is to see his transformation. He wasn’t at all like this before coming to Shafer. He changed to meet the needs of the students. He recognized these students needed structure and discipline. Most of these students don’t have a male role model in their lives. They needed stability. They’re still dealing the trauma (a classmate had been raped and killed over the summer). While the students might not admit it, they love him. They might not run to his class with excitement. But you know what? In five or six years, when they’re graduating from high school, he’s going to be the first teacher they come to see.

When I returned to class, I had a new appreciation for Mr. Witt. Like all great teachers, his actions were purposeful. He adapted to meet the needs of his students instead of expecting his students to adapt to him. He understood the academic, behavioral and social needs of his students and acted accordingly. Mr. Witt was a warm demander.

As Salome Thomas-El says, “Children want structure. Children know discipline is a form of love.”

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