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Inductive Learning

Excellence in Education: Inductive Learning
After visiting with Ms. Ye’s students one thing that stuck with me was students were discovering. They were required to make assumptions or  generalizations that lead to a deeper understanding of the rules of science. Science is about discovery, not following lab directions step-by-step with an end product that many, if not, most of the students already knew would occur. Science, and all learning, should be a cognitive challenge.

So how can we as teachers move away from the the more traditional--and teacher-centric--approach of teaching to a more inductive, problem-based model?

The following strategy works well when we want students to analyze and identify similarities and differences, a high-yield instructional strategy.
Create a list of words, phrases, items, problems, images, etc. from a reading, discussion, or a unit to be taught. From here on, I’ll collectively refer to these as “examples.” It is often helpful to print these examples on index cards so students will be able to manipulate them easily.

Inductive Learning Activity In Action
  1. Provide students with list or cards of examples.
  2. Students categorize the examples into groups.
  3. Students give each group a label that describes.
  4. Students draw a conclusion, make a generalization or form a hypothesis about the content.
  5. Students group things in a different way.

Other instructional choices to be made:
  1. Do you model the process by showing students an example of grouping and labeling?
  2. Should you set a number of categories you’d like them to group the examples into?
  3. Do you want students working individually, in groups or in a combination of individually and groups?
  4. Can students create their own list of examples to be categorized?

Many of the ideas in this blog came from:
Silver, H., Strong, R., Perini, M, (2007). The Strategic Teacher: Selecting the Right Research-Based Strategy for Every Lesson Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill.
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Phenomenal reviews for the One Acts.

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