Sunday, August 28, 2016

Group Work

Excellence in Education: Group Work
When doing some walk throughs in downstairs green and blue I was thrilled to see students working in groups. As Lev Vygotsky suggested learning is a social endeavor that is strengthened by interactions students have with their peers, teachers and others. Thus, effective group work creates a learning environment that increases student interaction and student learning.

Several tips from my observations:
  1. Make use of informal cooperative learning opportunities through think-pair-share, shared verbal fluency, peer feedback and instruction, etc.
  2. For more formal cooperative learning:
    1. Define the learning objective, why the work is being done in groups and the individual roles.
    2. Teach and allow students to practice cooperative practices.
    3. Make use of mixed groupings.
  3. Constantly monitor student work and provide feedback.

Getting students to work together not only teaches lifelong learning competencies, it also helps them achieve better results. Cooperative learning adds to both whole-class and individual practice. and all three should be used instructionally.

Need to Knows
Technology / Website Permission Request Form Please use this form to request use of a website that requires student log-in if the site is not already on the approved list.

Shout Outs
A record turnout by rising freshman at Fresh Start. Great job organizing by Katina Dudley but she couldn’t have done it without help from Barry Keith, Mike Schafer, Jeremy Dove, Rosanna Lantz, April Wilkerson, Lori Rocco, Monica Ferguson, Thomas Warren, William Trent.

Lori Rocco: great job of getting the new teachers and staff members pictures and info...What a great group of newbies were fortunate to have this year!

Calendar Items
A, B, A, B, A for the week. Friday afternoon activity will be a Portfolio Activity.

Tuesday: Fire Drill 3rd Period

Worth Your Time

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