Monday, March 7, 2016

Learning Targets, Part 3

Excellence in Education: Sharing Learning Targets/Objectives
Part 3 of Learning Targets

Some final tips:
  • The focus is on student learning. At the end of the lesson or part of a lesson, students should be able to say, “I can…” followed by the learning target. Example: I can explain the role that socio-economic problems played in the formation of the Roman Republic.
  • To see if your lesson is targeting student learning, simply complete At the end of the lesson, students will be able to…
  • You can create more than one objective for each lesson You may have one overriding target and the other objectives are targets/steps along the way. It’s not all or nothing. By sharing multiple targets in this way, students are able to see the progress they are making at a larger goal.
  • Instead of ESW/TSW (Each student will...The student will…) or some other variation, try beginning your target with You or We…
  • Will students be able to answer, What did you learn in class today? What can you do know that you couldn’t do before?

By consistently and purposefully sharing learning targets with students, we empower and engage students in their learning by encouraging self-regulation and building meta-cognitive skills. For all students, especially those who struggle, it’s important for students to understand what success looks like.

Shout Out
Tip of the cap to our 3 front-office associates. Ms. Muniz, who has to juggle and prioritize many tasks at the same time. Ms. Quirk for “busting” it to find subs and adjusting schedules and staying well past her contractual hours to ensure Monticello runs smoothly and to Ms. Menefee for her tireless efforts and probably being the most knowledgeable person about Monticello’s day-to-day operations!

Need to Knows
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Spring Calendar (Grades, SOL, Exams, Etc): Obviously, this is subject to change with weather, but it’s a start. Some significant schedule changes begin next week.

Calendar Items
March 8: School Safety Survey: 9th and 10th graders will take it at 9am; 11th and 12th graders will take it at 1pm

March 9-10: Altered Schedule for Help Save the Next Girl--the schedule sent last week will be modified slightly because of English SOL Remediation

March 11: Clubs During Mustang Morning

March 15, 16: SOL Writing Tests; First period will be extended with no Mustang Morning

March 12: Jen Meade

Worth Your Time
Brain-Based Learning: Energy and Calm: Change It Up and Calm It Down  Some ideas for helping students focus and how we can use breaks from Edutopia

How High School Would Be Different if Students Designed It which is interesting by itself but even more so when you compare it what’s going on in Virginia

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