Monday, January 18, 2016

2 Round Questioning

Excellence in Education: Two-Round Questioning from author/expert Eric Jensen
This technique will increase student participation by helping them feel more comfortable and will help you formatively assess your students.

How it works:
  1. Explain that you are going to ask 2 rounds of questions. The first is a “survey” and the second is “reflective.”
  2. Round 1 questions:
    1. Explain to students that there are only two types of answers: 1) Answer and it doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong, but you will be thanked for your answer. 2) No clue in which the student will say, “I don’t know, but I’d like to know.”
    2. Students give immediate responses providing you with a snapshot of learning
    3. The teacher calls on different students asking different questions. As they answer, make eye contact with them, smile and thank them for their answers.
    4. Don’t say whether the response was “right” or “wrong” and just focus on their effort and willingness to participate.
  3. After asking at least 50% of the class, you should have a great sense of where your students stand and if you need to re-teach. If no reteaching is necessary, go to Round 2.
  4. Round 2 questions are more
    1. Begin by asking students to reflect on the class’ responses. They may consult with a partner(s) to determine which responses were right or wrong and why. They need to prepare for more detailed and insightful questions. Some prompting questions to ask at this stage to prepare them: “Let’s dig deeper…” “Why do you say that?” “How did you come to that answer?”
    2. To begin the next round, invite the entire class to respond and call on 3-5 students. Again students can either answer or say, “I’m not ready yet, need a lifeline.” If they ask for a lifeline, they may seek more time to think or consult a partner and then you come back to them.

Thanks to everyone for making our last two weeks run smoothly with a special acknowledgment to Cullen Wade and Sheena Washington who were besieged on Friday with hundreds of early dismissals.

Thanks as well to Lauren Williamson and Shannon Deegan for their leadership on the High School Council and their work on culminating projects.

On Thursday, our department chairs shared with the leadership team all of the great ways you are embracing students, engaging learning and innovating opportunities. Needless to say it was an impressive list; we’re proud of all that you are doing for our students!

Need to Knows
The county EdTech team and LTI (Learning Technology Integrators--ie Bert) will be conducting learning walks to see how teachers and, more importantly, students are using technology. These snapshots are designed to provide a comprehensive picture of support needs, so that they can provide instructional staff with the support they need.

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Technology / Website Permission Request Form

Spring Calendar (Grades, SOL, Exams, Etc): Obviously, this is subject to change with weather, but it’s a start.

Calendar Items : Posted First Because of Its Importance
This week will be a A-B-ALL schedule

January 19: Special Education Progress Reports Due
January 21: Faculty Meeting, Fall Semester Grades Due  
January 22-24: Hamlet Performance


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