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Embracing Students Through 2 x 10 and Listening Passage Preview

Excellence in Education: Embracing Students Through 2 x 10
This strategy came to me via Ms. Stacks via Mr. Warren. I believe it was originally from Dr. Allen Mendler.

It’s a technique used to connect with and embrace students, especially tough ones. It’s pretty simple, take 2 minutes a day for 10 consecutive days to engage the student in a personal conversation. Try to avoid talking about school, and definitely avoid anything negative about school (missing assignments, poor test grades, etc.). It’s also important to avoid anything else that might bother the student (for example, several years ago I was trying 2x10 with a student, “Frank,” and I was asking him about his weekend and his brother. “Frank” seemed to be shutting down even more despite my best efforts. The technique wasn’t working until, when near the 10th day--it was probably after the 10th day, “Frank” finally broke and told me that he wasn’t living at home anymore and was essentially homeless. In other words, I had been bringing up all the things that were causing stress for him, but even then, he saw that I was trying and eventually shared his personal story with me.

  • Like any conversation, it should be a two-way conversation but make it mostly about the student.
  • Listen
  • Respond
  • Make the student believe that he/she is the most important person in the world

Give the technique a try with one of your most difficult students, someone who you feel you haven’t connected with yet.

In 2 weeks, I’d love to hear how it’s made a difference.

Intervention Strategy for Reading Fluency : Listening Passage Preview
I think Popcorn or Round-Robin reading should never be used in class but I know there’s value to having students read aloud, either whole-class, in groups, with peers or with a teacher. This is a great strategy to help students practice so they can read aloud later.
  1. Sit with the student in a quiet location (alternatively this could be done in small, similar groups or with a stronger reading partner who the student feels comfortable).
  2. Say, “We’re going to read together. I’ll read first and you’ll follow along.”
  3. Read aloud for a couple of minutes and then state, “Now, it’s your turn to read the same part out loud. If you come across a word you don’t know, I’ll help you.” If you’re working with a small group of students they can chorally read.
  4. Stop for student errors or if he/she hesitates for more than 3 seconds (wait for the entire 3 seconds no matter how hard it is). Correct the word and have the student correctly read the corrected word.
  5. Continue reading until the passage is finished.

Need to Knows
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Shout Outs
Nurse Tomlin for acting quickly and responsibly to a significant student injury and Ms. Campbell for being a calming and reassuring presence for the student.

Dr. Huneycutt for volunteering to serve as our DART representative.

Calendar Items
Tonight’s #vachat at 8pm is being hosted by Wade Whitehead, a member of the state’s SOL Innovation Committee. Should be a great conversation and it’s an opportunity for you to voice your opinions to someone who can make a difference.

November 10: Blood Drive
 PowderPuff Game

November 11: 10th grade Career and College Expo at UVa (9:45-11:15)
11:00-11:30 - 1st Lunch (9th, 11th, & 12th grade students who eat 1st lunch)
11:45-12:15 - 2nd Lunch (All students who eat 2nd lunch and 10th grade students that eat 1st lunch)
12:30-1:00 – 3rd Lunch (All students who eat 3rd lunch)

November 12: Dodgeball Tournament

A long stretch without any birthdays….

Worth Your Time

Seven Homework Assignments That Guarantee Learning and the Secret Sauce That Makes Them Work  Purely coincidence that 2 of 3 articles have secret sauce, and full disclosure: I occasionally blog for this site.

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